About Mercury Rail

About Mercury Rail


Mercury Rail is an Australian company established by a team of highly skilled and experienced management, technical, construction and business professionals committed to developing innovative products and processes targeted at environmental and economic sustainability in the rail industry.

Mercury Rail’s guiding philosophy is:
“Sustainability through Innovation“

The team at Mercury Rail have a strong project development and management background with demonstrated skills and experience in initiating projects through to successful outcomes. They are able to identify and engineer client-specific design requirements, as well as offering professional multi-disciplinary advice to meet all of the clients’ technical requirements.

Mercury Rail has the knowledge and experience to design and engineer turnkey solutions that incorporate the latest industry-tested and accepted systems, to ensure that their clients are at the forefront of innovative technologies new to transportation authorities, nationally and internationally.


Mercury Rail’s mission is to deliver economically and environmentally sustainable, innovative products and services based on our Sustainable Development Principles, that meet the current needs of the global rail transportation industry without compromising future quality of life.

Mercury Rail’s Sustainable Development Principles, which represent our core values for the rail transportation industry, are fundamental in delivering a sustainable railway at the centre of a transportation system that meets the travel needs of society.

Mercury Rail approaches sustainability holistically, putting it at the forefront of every decision to achieve the following:

  • Reduction in capital expenditure
  • Reduction in operating expenditure
  • Simple and safe construction
  • Modular construction methodology
  • Reduction in harmful emissions
  • Separated operating environment
  • Sustainable socio-economic solutions



We understand that our success as a company depends upon the full participation and contribution of each of our team. We represent a diverse mixture of race, gender, nationality, and opinion. We maintain a work environment that respects the differences among ourselves, and we rely on those differences as a source of our creativity.

Our people are among the most imaginative and inventive in the railway industry, and they continually conceive, develop, and improve the progressive products we design for the transport industry. We are committed to providing opportunities to develop to our highest potential as our innovations are only possible through our people.


Mercury Rail focusses on sustainable innovation, which enables our business to thrive in the competitive rail market.

Infrastructure businesses today are facing many challenges including resource scarcity, urbanisation, population growth, ecological decline and climate change. However, these challenges are also great opportunities for our business.


Sustainable Development Principles are the core values that Mercury Rail brings to the railway industry.

They are fundamental in delivering a railway at the centre of a transport network that meets the travel needs of society without compromising future quality of life.

Mercury Rail believes that Sustainable Development Principles should be considered as an integral part of the railway industry’s culture and decision-making processes and procedures, taking into account whole system life cycle approaches.


Mercury Rail operates across the following markets:

  • Heavy Haul
  • Civil Construction
  • Signalling Construction
  • Track Construction
  • Metro & Light Rail & Operations
  • High Speed Rail Operation
  • Elevated Road Corridor
  • Bridge Substitute
  • Jetty Substitute
  • Elevated Processing/Mechanical Equipment Route



Civmec Construction and Engineering Manufacture and Construction, Australia
3DC Consulting Pty Ltd Railway Alignment and Road Designs, Australia
KPCM Consulting Pty Ltd Independent Design Verification, Australia


Bureau Veritas (M) Sdn Bhd – Asia
Myte Associates Pty Ltd – India, Bangladesh and Nepal


We operate in increasingly diverse markets, so a common set of values offers clear business benefits and will help support the challenges of future growth.

We always do what is right:

– We keep our promises
– We support everyone for doing the right thing
– We are fair and open with everyone

We are better together:

– We willingly combine our expertise
– We listen to each other and share knowledge willingly
– We acknowledge that we are part of the bigger picture
– We work on creating long lasting relationships

We strive to improve and exceed expectations:

– We do not tolerate underperformance in ourselves or in others
– We go the extra mile
– We will not compromise on safety or quality
– We constantly look for innovative and creative solutions

We appreciate the skills and ability of others:

– We treat everyone equally and embrace differences
– We care about how our actions affect others and the wider environment
– We encourage everyone to achieve their maximum potential