Low Cost Sustainable Transportation System

NextG Rail Bridge

Low Cost Sustainable Transportation System

NextG Rail Bridge


The Low Cost Sustainable Transport System (LCSTS) is designed to provide a range of rail solutions, from public transportation for cities to heavy haul freight. It is designed in a way that allows for simple, modular construction of a comparatively small basic structure that meets all current standards. The NextG Rail Bridge has been designed for use with both metro and heavy haul infrastructure.

It can be used for new installations or retrofitted on existing bridges. This advancement on bridge technology negates the need for ballast, reducing maintenance and increasing the asset lifespan. The NextG Rail Bridge is fully compatible with existing rail infrastructure and is a simple and effective way to renew, or replace, current life expired or damaged infrastructure without compromising track quality. In addition, it provides an effective interface solution between ballasted and ballastless track systems.


Modular Caged Technology : Mercury Rail


  • Modular construction
  • Low maintenance
  • Relocatable and reusable
  • Advanced vibration mitigation
  • Anti-derailment system (if required)
  • Ballastless to ballasted interface



  • Reduced construction schedule
  • Reduced OPEX
  • Sigificant cost savings
  • Increased track lifespan
  • Increased reliability and safety
  • Easily intergrated to existing track



  • Box girder bridges
  • Truss bridges
  • Pre-stressed concrete bridges
  • Simply supported bridges
  • Level crossings
  • In-motion weighbridges
  • Cantilever bridges
  • Viaducts