Low Cost Sustainable Transportation System

NextG Ladder Track

Low Cost Sustainable Transportation System

NextG Ladder Track


The Low Cost Sustainable Transport System (LCSTS) is designed to provide a rail solution to public transportation for cities and other locations where transport planning has not been cost effective. It is designed in a way that allows for simple, modular construction of a comparative small basic structure that meets all current standards,while taking advantage of new and sustainable technologies.

The NextG Ladder Track is stronger than a traditional track; it has a longer life span and improves vibration mitigation. These benefits combine to provide the first true advancement in ladder track technology. The elevated ladder track addresses vibration mitigation in a way that has previously only been seen in slab and ballastless track systems; it dampens the vibration through the beam, which not only protects the supporting beam but also addresses differential settlement.

Next G Ladder Track - Mercury Rail


  • Housing units
  • 2x Longitudinal bearers
  • 4x Gauge holding ladder rungs retaining jig
  • 2x Concrete plinths
  • Short resistance column
  • Subgrade stabilising material



  • Lower capital costs
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Sustainable material utilisation
  • Greater vibration mitigation
  • Increased track lifespan


  • Heavy haul
  • Metro & light rail operations
  • Sidings
  • Turnouts & crossing
  • Level crossings
  • In-motion weighbridges
  • Wash bay facilities
  • Underground mining